Old and disposable…


Yes, some things get old and all you can do is throw them away!  Makes me think about being disposable myself.  My printer bit the dust after 10 years of service…mmmm.. in dog years that makes it 70 yrs. old, same as I.

These days you don’t even have to leave the house; just get online and look for printers.  Found one that was $69…great!  Hope it lasts 10 yrs. but don’t hold  your breath.

It took me quite a while to install it.  I didn’t go to bed until midnight!  So…I guess that was about a 3 hr. job…compounded by the software repeating all the steps several times.  Finally I just turned off the computer, rebooted it, and everything worked fine.  So happy to have it.  I use it all the time.

Next time something breaks, make sure you check it out on google.com first.  If it can be fixed, you’ll find the solution there.  If not, just chuck it!  

Today is busy.  Have to play “high stakes Bingo”  jackpot $50.00.  Then bowling on wifi…last week I made three 200 scores!  Wow!  Second highest score at the Isles!  Wish me blessings!

God Bless.

My Bucket List: Late but not lost yet


At 70 everyone reviews his/her life and the things one didn’t get to do.  I thought I’d share with my readers my late bucket list.  These are items that I wanted from childhood, teenaged years, and adulthood.

1.  Visit England, and rest of British Isles

2.  Write a screenplay that is produced.

3.  Direct a full-length movie.

4.  Live in another country for 6 months or longer.

5.  Be an orchestra conductor.

6.  Change the education system in the United States.

7.  Be a grandmother.

8.  Spend a day shopping and not have to worry about the money.

9.  Paint a canvas that would become famous and expensive to buy.

10. Cure mental illness.

11. Become a “healer” and do the things Jesus did on Earth.

12. Go to heaven.

Seventy and Sharing: your opinion please


As people age, they tend to share more; at least that is happening with me.  I think of all the STUFF I have, and I want to share…give it away…get rid of it.  My latest idea is to take my good stuff, wrap it up and give it for birthday or Christmas.  That way I save money and someone else gets to enjoy my goodies.

Would you object to receiving my stuff?  I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but I live in a place that gets all my money each month.  I don’t have extra to buy gifts, etc.  Let me know what you think soon.  I am going on vacation and need to take along three gifts.

OK out there.  Give me an answer!

Have you missed me?


I have been so busy with Mah Jongg, canasta, and Mexican Train that I haven’t had the time to sit and write.

However, I have been thinking about my past and considering all the things that I did while young and how those things influenced who I am today.  One of the items was my years in Camp Fire Girls, a scouting organization much like the Boy Scouts of America, only for girls back in the 60’s.  Today it’s called Camp Fire, Inc. and is for both boys and girls.

Camp Fire girls had three levels based on age:  Blue Birds, Camp Fire Girls, and Horizon Club.

I remember looking through the manual and picking out all the things I could do to earn beads or pics for my vest (Camp Fire Girls)  I did all of the crafting units, cooking units, and other kitchen type exercises.  I also did outside sports and camp out experiences.  

I wish I still had my Horizon Club outfit.  It was a gown, an Indian gown, which was decorated with all the beads I earned.  I have stands and strands of string beads…orange, brown, blue, red, and red, white, and blue one.  When I was a senior in high school, our house burned down and I lost all those precious high school memories.

Well, it’s late, so I will close.  Keep the faith.  

God Bless!

Another busy week…

Isles at Vero Beach 001

I can’t believe another week has flown by…time goes fast for those of us living here.  I was busy all week with activities…Tues. Bible Study night…Wed. calling Bingo night…Thurs. playing Mah Jongg night, Friday  Bingo night…Sat,Sun, and Mon, are free evenings. Thank God!

This week we had a memorial service on Friday for our Manager who was killed on Monday…it was a sad service.  He died the day before his 60th birthday.  He had a motorcycle accident.

Today we had a story telling session and the man who spoke told us how he got started…he sent off surveys to all his family and asked questions for them to answer….He had thousands of pics. to put into his books…he has done 3 full blown memory books for his family…he brought them to our class to show us.  His talk was so interesting.   I think he motivated some of them to get started on their memoirs.

Beautiful day here in Vero Beach.  It didn’t rain yet.  I think it passed over.  sunset is lavender/pink.  I still haven’t gotten Frank any new shoes.  His old ones don’t fit him anymore.  We are going to go to two new places on Monday to see if they can fit his feet to their shoes…

Daughter is coming to visit next weekend.  I may have time for another blog next week; we’ll see.  We love to take in a movie or two on the weekends. 

God Bless, everyone!

Do You know if you are going to heaven?


Don gave us $150 to pay for the appreciation party last Monday.  The pizza is ordered; the drinks are cooling in the frig.  We have the menu planned, and we have door prizes to give away.  Everyone will have a nice time.  We even had fancy appreciation/thank you certificates made.  The tables were set up today and table cloths cover them.  The party is Tuesday at 11:30 am.  Today is Monday.

Don took his motorcycle out this morning.  He never made it back.  He was killed in a freak accident; he lost control of the bike.

Don was our lead manager at the Isles.  He wanted to show appreciation for those who volunteer right along side the managers, doing little things to make other residents happy and comfortable.  Thank you, Don, for caring.

We pray for you family and their loss.  We will honor you tomorrow at the party you planned.

Death is never planned.  It comes unexpectedly most of the time. I always hope the deceased knew the Lord.  Are you going to heaven?  How do you know?  There is only one way to get there:  Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved…for eternity…in heaven…with the angels and the saints…and the Lord.  It says so in the Bible:  John 3:16 and other verses.

God Bless.

Thoughts of a two-year old

annie at one

My favorite things are my stroller, my bear, and my yellow bow in my hair.  My mommy is nice, but I am sort of afraid of the man my mommy tells me is my daddy.  He came home this year from the war.  I don’t know where he was, but mommy and i would send letters every day.

I watched mommy catch a mouse in her shoe.  She was brave.  She ran into the bathroom and threw the mouse into the pot.  I hope it goes down the drain.  I am afraid to sit there now; the mouse may come back and bite my butt.

Last night it was light outside, but I had to go to bed.  All the other kids were outside playing, but mommy said it was bedtime.  I cried.  I didn’t want to go to bed.

There are many people living in this house with me and mommy.  My granny, my pop, two aunts, two uncles, two cousins and us.  Now that daddy is home, we are going to move next door to a new house.  This house is crowded.

When I wake up in the morning, I smell biscuits.  My granny cooks in the kitchen and I watch her, but she gets up really early to make the biscuits.  My room is over the kitchen.

This year I want a doll for Christmas. Last year I got my teddy bear.  He sleeps with me and goes everywhere I go.  I love him.  I still want a doll.